Client Endorsements

“You are to be commended for your strategic initiatives, innovative accomplishments, and effective leadership.”

Governor Rick Scott


“”Thank you for taking the time to speak with me on Sunday and telling me more about the wonderful philosophy of the Moments of Brilliance. It isn’t just the residents you help but also the family members, as I am sure you have seen.”


“I have witnessed Team Elliott in action and am impressed by the work you do. Your staff is very effective in engaging the body and mind, providing a stimulating atmosphere for education with purposeful activities while fostering a sense of community and acceptance.”


“Your program, your staff and you made such a difference for the residents here and their quality of life. Their families were comforted knowing you all were doing all you could to maintain or improve their loved ones’ lives after they must leave their homes. Thank you all for the difference you made for them!”


“I heard them singing once then twice… then again and again. I heard them sing last night. The blending, the unity of voices, the unity of purpose, the unity of minds and hearts~ that is what COMMUNITY is all about. Their eyes sparkled, their voices soared, their bodies swayed, they smiled and giggled and laughed once again… This is therapy and healing in action!

We ought to have TEAM ELLIOTT in every long-term care community. They belong to our team of healing professionals who care for our elderly. Congratulations and more power to you!”


“I spent last week with my Mom at Serenades by Sonata in The Villages. I’m so impressed with all the programs that you do for the residents. My Mom would never do anything on her own so it made me feel comfortable to see her taking part in the activities. The Team Members were always encouraging and worked well with all the residents. Thank you again for all that you do.”

“I just want to thank you for your wonderful program, Moments of Brilliance®. All of your team is always so well prepared and all are so loving toward the residents. Your program is filled with so many fun, educational , and age appropriate activities that my 93 year old mother smiles at the mention of “going to activity.” She really loves to participate and I think of how she would be if your group was not there. She would sit in her room!”


“I think Team Elliott is better than sliced bread…wish every assisted living facility had such programs… ”


“I am completely impressed with Team Elliott!!! Each week I have seen them interact with the residents in Calore. Their attention and patience is amazing!! They know each resident well enough to know their strengths, weaknesses and what it takes to engage them. Before Dad moved in to Serenades, not only would he NOT participate in outside activities, he wouldn’t interact with others. We indicated this in the initial paperwork….well, Team Elliott made liars out of us!!! :). What they do is a huge blessing!! Please tell them what a difference they make in my Dad’s life. They challenge him, draw him out, get him to think and interact with others. I am grateful for their involvement at Serenades!!! Team Elliott is a contributing part of what makes Serenades the BEST!!!!!!!”

Family Member
Serenades’ West Orange

“I did not know Leigh was an educator until I saw her with my father-in-law (former Orange County School Principal and Mayor of Windermere) and a childhood friend’s dad (also Mayor of Windermere). She worked with them (dad had Parkinsons and dementia and Johnny had Alzheimers) once or twice weekly in a group setting.

Leigh found out each of their interests such as war history, country music, Florida history and used this as a tool to engage them.

Leigh brought light into the withering darkness of dementia. She made them come alive even if just for an hour. She is truly amazing with people.”

Becky and Frank Watson
Watson Dental Care

“Leigh Elliott has incredible spirit and bursts with energy and enthusiasm. At the same time Leigh is gentle, respectful and compassionate toward others. I find her blend of fun creativity and kind intuition delightful, and the seniors she interacts with feel the same. I brought the idea of intergenerational programming to Leigh, she ran with it and made the dream a reality. Leigh Elliott is the true hero behind the winning program known as ‘Team Golden.’ Team Elliott Education will undoubtedly be another meaningful success story.”

Jennifer Campbell
Owner, Age Advantage
Home Care Services

“Leigh, your passion is a true asset to our community. I can attest to this having so many loved ones under my care. I have seen, in person, the joy family members and friends experience from your enthusiasm, caring and teachings.”

Becky Watson, RN
Watson Dental Care

“The excitement and joy that our residents feel during their enrichment session with Leigh is best described by observing the expression on their faces. They seem to come ‘alive’ with great big smiles as they realize the hidden talents they all seem to have while she guides each one in her own skillful way. It is a real honor to have Leigh share her program at our facility and with our residents. I cannot say enough of how valuable she is to us.”

Cauline M. Gillespie, RN
The Wilson Villa