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Eight years ago while assisting an 80 year old woman in her desire to read, Leigh Elliott of Team Elliott Education realized that all people, regardless of birth year and acuity, deserved the opportunity for age appropriate, intellectual stimulation. Raising the awareness and providing for a higher standard of intellectual care, within healthcare communities, fuels the engine that drives the concept behind Team Elliott Education.

To address these intellectual needs, Team Elliott Education offers; Comprehensive, Session Specific and Field programs for independent, assisted and memory care communities. With ongoing daily research and preparation, Team Elliott creates affordable contributions for quality, intellectually stimulating lifestyle programming. These three distinct programming options are offered both locally and beyond the geographical limits of Central Florida.

Since the company’s inception in 2008 of a mobile educational unit for healthcare communities, thousands of participants ranging in age from 22 to 108 years have benefited from Team Elliott Education’s programs.

  • Comprehensive Program Development
  • Comprehensive Training
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  • Session Specific Development
  • Session Specific Training
  • Session Specific Consulting
  • Licensing Agreements Session Specific and Comprehensive