Meet the Team

  • Providing Intellectual Opportunities for Seniors!

    In addition to areas of expertise, Team Elliott specialists finish training and certification through CARES® Florida Online Dementia Care Training Program and essentiALZ® Certification through the Alzheimer’s Association.

  • Leigh-Elliott-Headshot
    Leigh Elliott
    Team Elliott LLC, Owner
    Moments of Brilliance®
    COO of the Year, C-Level Award
    NCCDP®️ Certified Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia Care Trainer CADDCT
    Certified Dementia Practitioner CDP®️
    NAAPCC Activity Professional – Board Certified
    Bachelor of Science – Education
    CARES® Dementia Specialist (C.D.S.)
    Curriculum Vitae
    Additional Certificates of Completion
    Schedule CDP®️ Seminar
  • Priscilla
    Priscilla D. Huffman
    Ph.D. – Education
  • Luisa
    Luisa Gonzalez, Certified Dementia Practitioner CDP®️
    Masters in Human Resources
  • Francis
    Francis Lambert, Certified Dementia Practitioner CDP®️
    R.N., Nursing
  • Larana
    Larana Wingate
    Bachelor of Science – Education
  • Joel
    Joel Fuller, Certified Dementia Practitioner CDP®️
    Bachelor of Science – Business Administration
  • Taylor
    Taylor Elliott,Certified Dementia Practitioner CDP®️
    Vocal Specialist
  • Jason
    Jason Frost,Certified Dementia Practitioner CDP®️
    Navy – College of Sports Medicine
  • new team photo 3
    • new team photo 3
    • fl-team
    • Joel
      Sherry Julien, Certified Dementia Practitioner CDP®️
      PhD Candidate – Public Administration
    • Barbara
      Barbara Johnson
      Bachelor of Science – Art Education
    • new-Allisha
      Allisha Douglas
      Bachelor of Science – Education
    • Jacqueline-Flournoy
      Jacqueline Flournoy
      Certified Laughter Wellness Teacher

  • Helen
    Helen Foos-Frost
    Dance Specialist
  • Berta-Knight
    Bert Knight

    Media Print Specialist
  • Zachary Elliott
    Zachary Elliott

    Bachelor of Science – Management Consultant
  • Lon
    Lon Gelade
    Support Specialist
  • Sharon-Smith
    Sharon Smith
    Community Resource Specialist